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Putting together movies in the rainforest


We proudly present: "The Revenge of the Fish", the first animation video by indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest!


Location: AMAZONICA Academy in Yuwints, Shuar territory, Ecuador


Production time: 14 days in August 2013


Filmmakers: Young villagers who took part in the workshop of the Media Department of the University of Applied Sciences OWL.


Occasion: AMAZONICA summer school, study by Professor Christoph Althaus with a group of students from Lemgo. They had various tasks in the context of their theses for the Bachelor's degree. Carolin and Alice held an "A+" workshop for the production of animated films.


Production: Collecting materials from nature, drawing, painting, cutting, tinkering... but how can we set the objects in motion?


By moving them for each shot: 25 frames per second!


And then by editing on the laptop, adding audio and text, and doing small corrections until 4:00 in the morning – until shortly before the jungle premiere.


So easy! So fantastic!


Guardians of the Rainforest – Mascha Kauka in the Amazon


This Deutsche Welle documentary reports on the alarming situation in Ecuador’s Amazon basin. Through her organizations, Mascha Kauka is working with the indigenous peoples of the rainforest to develop alternative methods of oil production, to protect the forest’s biodiversity, and to prevent the displacement of native populations.


Everybody talks about the future – AMAZONICA acts!


The foundation and indigenous model communities show the way to create a sustainable way of life in the Ecuador’s tropical rainforest. The first jungle academy for native students and academics from around the world plays a key role in this effort. The video is a compilation of projects over the last

four years.


The AMAZONICA Games, “Los Juegos de la Selva”


The AMAZONICA Games, “Los Juegos de la Selva” are planned as a sporting and cultural event to be held in different locations in the rainforest every three years. The indigenous participants test their skills in traditional hunting and sport disciplines. While an amicable encounter for friendly competition is the emphasis, the games and the accompanying side events go along way in helping the outside world build a better understanding of the indigenous people and their rainforest home.