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From the Statutes



The rescue and preservation of our last great rainforest in the Amazon Basin must be deemed one of the central tasks for the future of humanity. The most important forest ecosystem in the world maintains and renews one-third of the Earth’s freshwater supply. An intact tropical forest is the most efficient repository for CO2 and other climate-damaging gases – and it’s free. The effects of deforestation on global water resources, the global climate, and the food supply and subsequently on our economy are evident. Furthermore, the greatest biodiversity will be destroyed before we can conduct research to determine their benefit.”


Rescue and conservation of rainforests are possible, but only together with the indigenous peoples who live in these forests. And they are willing to help. They want to persist in their forest with their traditions, nevertheless they are open to involve modern technologies which are suitable for a forest environment. A future in the forest must be provided for the youth. To do so, our support is necessary. To achieve these objectives, we establish a foundation. It is altruistic and pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable purposes in terms of section “Tax-deductible purposes” of the German tax code.


Sponsors and Donors

“The foundation’s assets shall be maintained undiminished in its existence on a permanent basis. The foundation shall be entitled but not obliged to accept donations. The foundations capital can be augmented by contributions if these are intended for this purpose (donations). Unless otherwise determined by the benefactor, 50% of these donations (subject to a contrary decision by the Board) will be applied to the foundation’s assets. The remaining 50% of the inflow will be used as a donation and will flow (as all other donations) directly into the AMAZONICA project work.”



“The foundations governing bodies are the Board of Directors and the Senate. The Senate carries a consultative role and has the task of promoting the objectives of the foundation. The Board may appoint members of the Senate. Members of the Senate may not simultaneously be members of the foundation Board. The Senate will appoint the Chairman from amongst its members by a simple majority. Benefactors, such as donors that support the foundation with significant amounts, shall be appointed as members of the Senate subject to Board approval. For outstanding services contributed to the AMAZONICA foundation, the Board may bestow selected individuals with the title of “Honorary Senator” in compliance with the Senate.”