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Every ambitious community needs a reliable source of electricity to power the small workshops and the freshwater pump as well as the computer and lights for late night studying. Along the equator, it gets dark already at 6 p.m.!


In the middle of the forest, reliable energy must come from local, renewable sources; small solar units on top of each house or one larger solar unit per village supply the necessary power.



© Markus Heinsdorff

It is always good to have an additional stand-by generator in case the batteries do not fully recharge due to the weather conditions. Ideally, a photovoltaic system and water turbines complement each other.

Wherever there is a river nearby that has sufficient gradient, small turbines are used to produce electricity. All water pipes and electric cables are installed underground to give the villages a clean, modern look, a fact the natives are very proud of. We insist on security, taking tourism into account as another income source.


“Renewable energies” is a popular subject of study because it looks to the future. International colleges and their students are very interested in researching and testing the various known and new options with regard to decentralized electrical power generation. The AMAZONICA Academy locations offer ideal conditions for this research.