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Conserving nature, especially in the Amazon area, is more than the mere conservation of flora and fauna. Conserving nature means preserving space in which to live. This naturally includes the people that live there who, like all of us, are a part of nature.


The indigenous peoples of Ecuador were fortunate in that they were granted possession of large parts of their traditional settlement areas. In many other Latin American countries, the situation regarding land titles for the local indigenous peoples is much worse, even disastrous.

But even though the territories of the natives in the Amazon in Ecuador are secured by law, in reality there is still a lot of exploitation by international and national industries. And often it is even the natives themselves who, deprived of their traditional lifestyle, destroy their last natural resources by connecting to roads and infrastructure, thereby deteriorating their situation.

This ill-fated development must be stopped by providing information, education and the financial means to conduct activities that help protect the forest natives and their living space. That way, we help preserve the last rainforests in the world.

The living space of the forest natives means life for us all!



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