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The last great forest ecosystem of the Earth lies in the Amazon Basin. The AMAZONICA Academy would like to maintain this important natural heritage of humankind together with the indigenous peoples and the youth of the world. For this purpose, we support and promote local ethnic groups in all walks of life. They are born rangers from the inside. To protect from the outside, we rely on the young intelligentsia that studied at international universities. They are the next generation of decision makers and will decide the fate of the Amazon. This is why we would like to provide young people with an understanding of this vital ecosystem and its inhabitants.



Depending on the task, individuals or groups of up to 20 people come to the Academy and stay for periods between 14 days and six months, or even longer for doctorates. This requires the academy to provide accommodation, meals and support, an infrastructure that is not unlike a tourism operation. Yet in contrast to classic tourists, scientists do not come in search of entertainment, but come here with a scientific task instead. An active exchange between researchers and hosts provides the population with new educational participation possibilities. On the other hand, the students learn far beyond their area of studies. They benefit from diverse social experiences, acquiring knowledge that remains yet occluded to others. Participants in programs in which the geographical location does not matter will enjoy the unique and beautiful landscape, taking with them the unforgettable experiences they shared together with the Achuar and Shuar as they continue on their journey.


This is another AMAZONICA Academy objective: Seeking allies for the forest population and to help save our last primeval forests. Every visitor can become an ambassador of the rainforest.