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AMAZONICA is a charitable foundation that conducts a wide range of projects in the Amazon rainforest. In close cooperation with the indigenous peoples living in the region, Amazonica strives to protect and cultivate the world’s most important ecological system in a sustainable manner.


Maintain and create together

For millions of years, nature has been the perfect global network. With increasing and questionable human globalization, we risk to destroy nature as the basis of our existence. Quality of life for our children and sound economical development both depend on how well we manage to conserve the environment. After all, we cannot exist without it.


Everybody talks about the future – AMAZONICA acts!

AMAZONICA can look back on 30 years of experience with indigenous peoples and development projects in the rainforest. Our approach is different! We support the indigenous nations on-site in their effort to protect the rainforest, and we rely on the world’s youth to serve as a strong partner.


If you want to learn more about our work, please watch our movie here.

Everybody talks about the future – AMAZONICA acts!