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The AMAZONICA Academy is the first primeval forest academy with two branches located in the Amazon region of Ecuador. It lies far from the road network, in the primary tropical forests on indigenous territories. This training center serves both the native peoples of the Amazon as well as the world’s youth. International research and teaching provides AMAZONICA with access to a living space that is increasingly important for humanity, contact with the lungs of the earth and responsible work in one of the last healthy rainforests.



Hosted by the local Achuar and Shuar, these individuals were trained for both service and support of scientists in the course their work. Jobs and income are generated by the academic system for a large network of forest communities and growing cross-cultural exchange on equal terms.


A local economy and local education and training opportunities empower the indigenous population to a self-determined life structure in their traditional habitat.





















The term “AMAZONICA Academy” was chosen intentionally since the teaching contents at this training center vary from those at conventional institutes of higher education. Individuals without a high school diploma and even illiterates, such as indigenous forest farmers, are taught how to improve their farming methods and small animal husbandry. Representatives from the interested communities are taught in theory and practice for the “Model for contemporary living and working in the forest” – see PROJECTS. Indigenous graduates are offered seminars for local leadership and management courses in various professional fields.


In addition, the academy awards grants and scholarships locally so that the youth in the forest can also visit high schools and universities.


Mascha Kauka

Marco Cremonese

Managing Director

AMAZONICA Akademie gGmbH