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with us it's still existing.

AMAZONICA wants to preserve the rainforest for all humanity.

For this purpose, we have developed innovative solutions

together with the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.

TUCO sends you warm greetings from the rainforest.

Mascha Kauka 1982

Mascha Kauka 2022

“AMAZONICA is committed to preserving tropical rainforests for humanity.” In pursuit of this goal, we’ve worked with the indigenous peoples of Ecuador to develop innovative solutions.


There are three nonprofit organizations under the AMAZONICA umbrella: the NGO INDIO-HILFE e.V. (founded in 1982), the AMAZONICA foundation (established in 2007), and AMAZONICA Akademie gGmbH (launched in 2015).

This year we’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of our founding.


“We” refers to the founding members in 1982: Mascha Kauka (editor and publicist), her husband Uli Pohl (marketing manager), plus friends and family, all from Munich, Germany.


And that’s how it all began.

“Have you ever been to an area that’s whited out on the map?” asks Mascha and proceeds to tell her story: “While vacationing in Ecuador, one day my husband and I traveled by canoe into one such white patch near the country’s northern border. It’s covered with uncharted virgin rainforest that extends high up into the Andes above the Pacific Ocean. There we had a life-changing encounter with members of the indigenous Chachi people, river nomads that no tourists had ever glimpsed before.


“Because the chief’s family trusted us, we quickly learned that the Chachi and their rainforest were severely threatened: the Ecuadorian government had leased the entire region to timber companies that were demanding the removal of the indigenous population so they could carry out their logging activities without interference.

“There was only one solution, which the chief’s son explained to us: the government needed to survey the ‘white patch’ where they had lived for centuries and grant them legal title to the land. ‘You are the first white people that we can trust, so you have to help us. Please get our land surveyed,’ said Chief Tapuyo.

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A statement in August 2019 by Mascha Kauka, Founder of AMAZONICA






For 30 years, AMAZONICA has met the 8 UNO millennium goals

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

AMAZONICA has confidence in education and, together with the respective groups, the foundation develops models for living and working in a contemporary world with dignity, without having to migrate. Creating jobs and income is important in the rain forest too.

Achieve universal primary education

AMAZONICA builds and maintains primary schools, makes secondary school attendance possible, provides scholarships for post-secondary studies and, in particular, supports  training for craftsmanship and a skilled trade.

The work done by AMAZONICA meets the eight millennium goals set by UNO.
The points emphasized here are education, nature conservation, global partnership,
women and children. The AMAZONICA Academy is a perfect partner of the UNESCO education initiative for sustainable development. This unique institution serves the indigenous population

in the rain forest as well as international students and scientists and resolutely pursues

the goal of nature conservation through education.

A global partnership for development

AMAZONICA Academy is a prototype for global cooperation for the good of everyone. The first academy in the primary forest in indigenous territory creates local education opportunities and jobs by allowing young people all over the world to become familiar with the forest and learn to appreciate and preserve it.

Promote gender equality and empower women

AMAZONICA focuses on working with women because they are the heart and power source of the family. With great success, the foundation supports efforts to ensure that girls and women share and participate in everything and experience equality in all areas of life.

Reduce child mortality

AMAZONICA relies on education here as well, and particularly on hygiene. Mortality rates decrease dramatically in response to personal hygiene, a clean house, clean water and a minimal amount of medical care.

Ensure environmental sustainability

AMAZONICA is convinced that the future quality of life on Earth primarily depends on our ability to maintain the balance of nature as we are part of it. To protect the forest from inside, we rely on its indigenous population. The protection of the rain forest from outside must be ensured by all of us living in industrialized nations.

Improve maternal health

AMAZONICA has built countless health centers and also provides mobile consultation, with instructors that travel from village to village explaining what is important before and after giving birth. Both conventional and natural medical care are offered.

Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

AMAZONICA fought a malaria epidemic for three years within the project region (10,000 sq. km). It was the most comprehensive campaign in the entire Amazon region and its success continues today: the region has been malaria-free for eight years.